21 March 2017

Is it time for a digital marketing strategy spring clean?

For many years, digital marketing has become an increasingly important channel to market for organisations. But for many people, digital marketing can seem like a minefield – where should you spend more time and money, what combinations should be used? Read more

16 December 2016

Why bother with event technology?

It's fair to say that event technology can have its challenges; sleepless nights worrying about wi-fi, proving ROI, will the audience embrace the technology, having to provide charging stations, delegates who still use the Nokia 5210! Is it really worth the headache? As you plan for 2017 I am sure you are asking yourself the very same question. Read more

5 October 2016

The rise of the CMO in Financial Services

Consumers increasingly control the way they engage with their service and product providers: we have come a long way from the days when the Hoover or life insurance man came to your door. Now, consumers dictate when and how they engage with providers, and want a seamless experience combining digital interaction with phone calls and in many cases, still retaining the personal contact. Read more

1 August 2016

A-Z of Event Management

Despite having worked on over 1000 events around the world, we don't consider ourselves to be experts. However, we have solved a number of challenges and love delivering great solutions for our clients, and we'd like to share what we've learnt with you.  So, here it is, our whistle-stop A-Z tour of managing events. Read more

27 June 2016

The value of empowering marketers during MAS implementation

In today’s fast-paced business environment, innovative digital technology is seen as the main driver of change. And that perspective is only magnified in the marketing industry, which relies heavily on marketing automation systems. Read more.

23 May 2016

Professional services: 5 Business conversations to navigate a successful marketing journey.

There are many views on what makes someone, and the marketing function they represent, successful in a company where the practitioners are the 'offering' and your role is to take them to market in a distinctive and profitable way. Each company is different but from our experience there are a few conversations which can be applied across professional services to define a path more likely to lead to success for marketing and the marketing leader. Read more.

27 April 2016

Nine Top Tips for an efficient Global Marketing Automation System

Implementing a Marketing Automation System for the first time is never easy, no matter whether it is Marketo, Eloqua, Hubspot, Pardot or equivalent. For many companies this will be the biggest single marketing expenditure – so there will no doubt be many interested parties scrutinising progress. Getting the implementation right is crucial; given the money spent and the time and effort invested it can take to align systems and stakeholders. Read more.

21 March 2016

From Prospect to Profit: Having personalised conversations in professional services

HT Financial Marketing's Founder and Director Linda Russheim and CMO at Hay Group, Monica Ralli, address the importance of personalised conversations using marketing automation in CMOnation. Read more.