Diversity Project Annual Event

Project Overview

Working on behalf of The Diversity Project (DP), HT Financial Marketing was instrumental in developing and delivering the Diversity Project’s 6th Annual Event (and all the previous Annual Events) on 28th November 2022.  The event was developed to inspire and motivate the audience to drive change within the investment and savings industry by providing practical information, best practice, facilitated knowledge sharing and networking.

Attendees ranged from the newest recruit, through to DEI specialists, back-mid-front office staff to managers, C-suite including CEOs. The agenda covered sessions on; social mobility – moving from the why to the how, the talent challenges – how to build truly diverse teams, the future of work, ask the workstream leads anything and the results from the DP member goals and progress tool, among others.

Engagement for all attendees at this event was paramount and we ensured active participation from the audience in a number of ways:

  • By developing a social media strategy for pre, during and post event – keeping the event front of mind and creating a buzz. Engagement stats were great! (62.7k impressions, 3.7k engagements and an average engagement rate per impression of 6%)
  • We developed an email comms strategy pre and post event – to stay front of mind and lower the attendee dropout rate.
  • We chose inspirational topics and insightful speakers mixed with interesting session formats.
  • We chose event/audience engagement tech that added value – Slido for Q&A, polls, word clouds and surveys, live streaming and a landing page with the main event info (this received >1k page views on the day) and QR codes with additional topic information.
  • To ensure that our audience committed to bring ideas to action we implemented a “pledge wall.” Our MC managed this after each session for the audience to give their key takeaways shown on an interactive screen on stage. Others could then also “up vote” suggestions.
  • In addition to traditional networking opportunities, we planned 15 DEI dimension discoveries before and post event for our audience to ask questions and meet the teams.

We had a clear plan in terms of the objectives of this event, which we achieved. We also ensured the audience were actively engaged in the pledge wall to commit to bring ideas to action.

The feedback we got from the pledge wall (key takeaways) was used to help form the DP strategy agenda and prioritise their work in 2023, thereby clearly linking audience participation and member feedback into their strategic thinking.

In the post event feedback form, the event was rated 5 out of 5 (5 being the best) by 80% of the attendees – by both those that attended in person and virtually. Below is some additional of the feedback we received:

“ was one of the best events I have attended this year, engaging until the end.”

“… please allow me to congratulate you on a fantastic event on Monday! It was hugely informative and has certainly given me food for thoughts.”

“…lots of practical ideas to take back and implement at our company. This will definitely help us move the DEI and dial.”

Key Points

  • Over 250 attendees in person
  • Nearly 300 attended virtually
  • Representatives from over 109 different companies
  • Rated 5 out of 5 (5 being the best) by 80% of the attendees

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