#IAM #TalkAboutBlack

Project Overview

The campaign came about as a result of the widespread unrest and anguish across the US and beyond, following the death of George Floyd.  It mobilised the investment industry across the UK and beyond into supporting a movement against racial injustice, a movement which captured hearts and minds.

This was a fast-moving initiative, created as a reaction to a live issue, meaning long hours and hard work; but it was worth it. HT Financial Marketing are proud to have been a part of this and here’s to ensuring there is lasting change within the industry.

The concept was beautifully simple and centred on the concept of “what are you?” Write three things using the hashtag #IAM and tag five other people.

“Linda was instrumental in helping develop and execute the #IAM campaign launched by #TalkAboutBlack. Linda worked tirelessly to build a social media presence and create our marketing strategy and a key reason why the campaign went viral.”

Gavin Lewis, co-lead of the #TalkAboutBlack.

Following the success of the campaign on social media, over 2,500 people signed up to the #TalkAboutBlack #IAM webinar from across the world. The feedback from attendees was incredible, with one attendee saying:

“Thanks so much, a brilliant event, insightful and incredibly awe-inspiring.”

Key Points

  • There was a phenomenal response on social media; in the first 10 days:
  • Over 500 people posted their #IAM pictures
  • The #IAM #TalkAboutBlack hashtags saw over 49k views on LinkedIn and 45.9k on Twitter
  • The topic was trending on LinkedIn, Twitter and Instagram
  • The campaign featured widely in the press, appearing in 10 different publications in the first week alone, including Portfolio Adviser, Investment Week, Money Marketing and The Morning Briefing
  • Investment Week also went on to use one of the #IAM montages as their front cover (shown below)

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