The Diversity Project Charity

Project Overview

Working with The Diversity Project Charity (TDPC), Linda was instrumental in developing, leading the implementation of, and launching an innovative jigsaw fundraiser ‘TDPC Mosaic’. The Mosaic shows a series of randomly shaped pieces of roughly identical sizes with animations and interactivity, such as the pieces slotting into place on first view or changing size slightly when hovered over. With all the pieces together, the jigsaw makes up a single image.

The Mosaic was displayed on digital screens at a number of London rail terminals to spread the message far and wide. The design is striking and a real eye catcher, so the animated aspects of the Mosaic worked really well on the digital billboards. 

The other large component of this initiative was a social media campaign to launch it, cover the launch event, showcase the Founding Members joining and highlighting the impact the fundraising has had via the Charities we were helping. The hashtag #Mosaic4Good was used.

Users could click on a blank jigsaw piece to make an online payment. Through the payment process, users were asked to provide their details, plus their logo and once their payment was complete, the new piece was made visible on the jigsaw. The automation of this system was a great addition, providing efficiency, accessibility and ease of payment.

Individual jigsaw pieces were available as a javascript widget that could be embedded onto a participating company’s website, allowing them to publicise their involvement.

Whilst the aim of the initiative was to raise £500k as well as uniting organisations to be a force for good, unfortunately our launch coincided with the first Covid lockdown, and could not change our booking dates at that point. When we launched, we had already raised £65k.

“Linda has done an extraordinary job developing and executing a wonderfully innovative marketing strategy for The Diversity Project Charity: Project Mosaic. This had at its heart, a compelling marketing message which brought together a number of organisations in our sector to be a force for good at the same time as enhancing their profiles in the Diversity and Inclusion arena. She worked with an agency to develop a lovely design which worked across a number of media (phones, digital billboards, tablets and laptops), bringing the concept to life. She developed the social media and PR strategy, as well as the launch event which saw supporting firms and grantee charities have direct and meaningful conversations. Project Mosaic raised funds to grant to charities working in particular areas of our Diversity and Inclusion aims, and we are now also able to step in and make a series of small grants to some of the charities we have previously supported, who are responding to the current pandemic with great agility and commitment. She’s made a real difference.”

Sarah Bates, former Chair of The Diversity Project Charity

Key Points

  • The agreed campaign was for one week
  • Digital screens at London Rail Terminals: London Bridge, Liverpool Street, Fenchurch Street, City Thameslink, Cannon Street and Blackfriars
  • 50x Digital 6 Sheets @ 10% SoT
  • 2.67m viewed impressions
  • On LinkedIn we had 15,000 impressions
  • Tweets averaged just under 3,000 impressions each
  • The hashtag #Mosaic4Good was used over 25,000 times from mid-January to mid-March 2019.

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